Frequently Asked Questions

What is Speak Up Isaac?

Speak Up Isaac is Council's dedicated community engagement hub providing our people with the opportunity be more involved and have their say on issues that are important and relevant to them.

Through the online discussion forums, surveys and other feedback tools you can quickly and easily contribute your ideas, opinions and comments on key issues and projects and help Council make informed decisions.

Speak Up Isaac provides a one stop shop for our community to provide feedback, check past consultations and see what decision have been made.

How can I participate?

If this is your first time using Speak Up Isaac, you may need to register. When prompted, create a username and password of your choice, provide a valid email address and answer few other questions about yourself. You will then be sent an activation email containing a link to click on to complete your registration.

Depending on the topic, you may be invited to provide feedback via a survey, pin comments to a map, participate in an online discussion forum or share your ideas.

What will happen to my feedback?

All comments, ideas and suggestions received from engagement activities/consultations are collated and used to inform Council decision making processes for the development of strategies, programs and activities.

All feedback provided during consultation will be considered, however this does not mean that every suggestion can be taken on board and adopted as proposed.

How is the site moderated?

All moderation is carried out by Bang the Table and is independent of Council. The moderators do not edit or alter any comments and will only remove comments deemed to be significantly off topic, offensive or malicious, in which case they are removed from the site immediately. Refer to the Forum Etiquette & Moderation page for more information.

 Is my privacy protected?
 Yes. Your privacy is protected and Council will only use your email to contact you with updates and to invite you to participate in consultations relevant to topics of interest to you.

Speak Up Isaac is hosted and moderated by an external independent organisation, Bang the Table. Your email address and any other information provided will not be distributed to any third party or used for any other purpose. For more information, please refer to Council's Information Privacy page and Bang The Table’s Privacy Policy.

Why do I need to register?

We ask you to register so we can capture some basic demographic information about those in our region. This helps us know a little about who you are and your connection to Isaac, as well as the range of different people who are registered to participate in our online community.

By registering you can receive updates and follow projects or topics of interest, as well as learn about other consultation opportunities that you may wish to comment on. We can also communicate consultation decisions, outcomes and findings back to you so you're not left wondering 'what happened to my feedback?'.

Once you have registered, you won’t need to enter that same information every time you complete a survey or provide feedback to us.

Is my participation anonymous?

Aside from the screen name/username you choose, your personal information is not publicly displayed and does not identify you individually in your responses. If you are concerned about being identified on Speak Up Isaac, we encourage you to select a username that is different from your own name.

During registration we collect information that may be personally identifiable (such as your email address) however, this information will be excluded from Council reports or submission summaries. Personal details will not be disclosed without gaining prior permission of the respondent, unless otherwise prescribed by legislation.

Do I have to live in Isaac to register and take part?
 No. Anyone who has an interest in the Isaac region is encourage to participate on Speak Up Isaac.

I've registered but have not received the activation email - what should I do?

There are a few reasons this might have happened:

  • The email may have gone into your "spam email" folder. Check there first.
  • Your email service provider may have a very strong firewall that is blocking the activation email. This happens occasionally. Please contact your service provider.
  • You may have typed your email address incorrectly, try resubmitting.

If you're still having issues please contact us at

I've forgotten my password and/or my username. What should I do?

This can be sorted out in a few quick steps!

Step 1: Click the "login" link on the top right of the screen.

Step 2: Click the "forgotten password" link under the "sign in" button.

Step 3: Type in your email address and click enter. You will then receive an email from us with your username and a link back to the site. Click on that link to reset your password.

Step 4: Sign in with your username and new password.

Can I cancel the emails I get from Speak Up Isaac?

Yes. You can unsubscribe from emails at any time. Look for the unsubscribe link at the bottom of emails and newsletters. Note that your registration will remain active.

Does this website mean we can't speak to anyone face-to-face or on the phone about important issues?

Absolutely not! Speak Up Isaac is designed to complement our face-to-face engagement and we always welcome feedback in traditional formats. If you'd like to speak to someone about anything you see on Speak Up Isaac, please phone 1300 ISAACS (1300 472 227) or email us at